Wise Words Reading Audit (Whole School)

The purpose of the Wise Words Reading Audit is to work with you and your school to really understand what’s working and where support might be required in the teaching of reading. After a Wise Words Reading Audit schools will understand clearly next steps for school improvement and be able to articulate clearly how they teach every child to read in preparation for a deep dive by Ofsted.

The Wise Words Reading Audit includes: 

  • Preparation for the reading audit day
  • A full day of lesson observations and meetings with a Wise Words Trainer at your school 
  • A Wise Words Reading Audit from the Wise Words Trainer and Charlotte Raby, creator of the Wise Words training and pedagogy 

The Wise Words Reading Audit covers:

  • teaching of reading, including phonics and fluency
  • reading in decodable books
  • interventions and support for every child
  • statutory and on-going assessment
  • teaching vocabulary and comprehension
  • wider reading across the curriculum
  • teacher knowledge of children’s literature 
  • selecting and sharing books with children
  • reading at home
  • the whole school reading environment
  • book corners and library

Wise Words Reading Audit | Full Day + Report £995 + VAT *

We begin by sending your school a Wise Words Reading Audit form to complete and return in advance of our visit. This gives your Wise Words trainer an introduction and overview to reading in your school and ensures they can make the most of the audit day at your school. We ask schools to provide their teaching timetables, so we can drill down to the purpose of each session devoted to teaching reading and writing in the school and ensure it is effective and impactful.

For each full day audit, we work with SLT using the evidence from their audit, to draw out areas of consistency and inconsistency in the teaching of reading. It is crucial that each school is active in this process, so they understand how effectively reading is taught, embedded and promoted across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and, so are invested in making changes to their practice as per EEF guidance. We would expect to observe teaching reading in different year groups, including Reception, and hope to see high expectations for every child in EYFS and beyond.

We look at interventions and ensure that there is adequate support for the lowest 20% of pupils.

* Contact us for special pricing for small schools or arrange packages for partnership training.

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