Teaching a Mastery of Reading for Pleasure and Knowledge

This is Day 2 of our Wise Words Reading 2-day course supporting schools who want to improve the teaching of reading and spelling using the latest guidance, research and best practice in teaching phonics, early language development and reading for pleasure and knowledge. It is suitable for all schools including those who follow the Letters and Sounds progression(DfE 2007).

Teaching the mastery of reading and spelling so every child succeeds

  • Teach all aspects of reading and spelling from the outset
  • Implement the Alphabetic Code effectively
  • Establish consistent teaching routines to ensure rapid progress
  • Teach comprehension, vocabulary and reading with fluency and expression
  • Explore why decodable books matter and how to choose and use them
  • Interrogate why sharing quality children’s literature every day is vital
  • Assess progress from EYFS to the Year 1 phonics screening check & beyond 
  • Use instant intervention and systematic teaching so every child, including the lowest 20% of pupils, reaches their full potential 
  • Open the door to reading for pleasure and purpose across the curriculum
  • Deep-dive into the key theories that underpin how children learn to read

Wise Words Reading Day 2 | Full Day £995 + VAT *

Day 2 objectives: Going deeper — Teaching every aspect of reading so every child succeeds

  • Organise effective implementation of reading and spelling 
  • Implement an orchestrated model for reading with fluency and expression
  • Assess and monitor every child’s progress to ensure they reach their full potential
  • Identify and use targeted small-step interventions for the lowest 20% of pupils 
  • Teach vocabulary in context using direct instruction, reading aloud & sharing poetry
  • Practice phonics and language comprehension effectively in decodable
  • Improve outcomes by implementing reading for pleasure and knowledge across the curriculum
  • Understand cognitive load theory and its implications for teaching reading

Wise Words Reading 2-day course objectives

Following our research-based training, delegates will:

  • Apply the underlying principles of an orchestrated model for teaching reading using:
    • systematic synthetic phonics 
    • vocabulary enrichment
    • language comprehension
    • fluency and automaticity 
    • reading for pleasure and knowledge across the curriculum
  • Ensure all children can read fluently and confidently by the end of primary school
  • Review, assess and progress every child’s reading and spelling in school
  • Target the lowest 20% of pupils by using instant intervention & systematic teaching
  • Utilise established routines for classroom management and the teaching of reading
  • Use the signposts of expected progress to ensure high expectations for every child 
  • Utilise key theories that underpin the teaching of reading and spelling in practice 
  • Know how to engage and support parents, carers and the wider community

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