Closing the Word Gap: Teaching Language & Vocabulary in Context

Understand how language comprehension, oracy and early reading experiences are integral to children’s reading, writing and everyday communication. Develop a detailed understanding of how to teach vocabulary and language to every child, without exception, with confidence. Explore the research that underpins how to teach language and vocabulary effectively so it makes an impact on children’s reading as all areas of the curriculum.

Course Objectives 

Following our research-based training, delegates will be able to:

  • Use contingent talk with books to support children with limited vocabularies
  • Understand how to plan and teach vocabulary using quality children’s picture books
  • Embed vocabulary and language teaching whilst teaching reading to ensure comprehension
  • Use collocations and conceptual word families to teach vocabulary with breadth and depth
  • Use etymology and morphology to grow children’s word knowledge
  • Understand how vocabulary impacts comprehension
  • Identify which language and vocabulary to teach across the curriculum

Closing the Word Gap | Full Day £995 + VAT *

Exploring the research

  • Integrating the 30 million Word Gap
  • The work of Isabel Beck et al and the importance of growing all tiers of language
  • The impact of children’s early language experiences on vocabulary
  • Children need a wide, robust vocabulary to read with comprehension
  • Understanding the importance of direct instruction and repeated practice in increasing children’s vocabulary and making their learning stick
  • Robust vocabulary and language knowledge have both depth and breadth: It is important to return to words in different contexts and understand collocations of words
  • Teaching vocabulary in context has the greatest impact
  • Vocabulary needs to be addressed in all areas of the curriculum
  • Why reading to children every day is more important than “Word of the Day”

Key takeaways for effective classroom practice:

  • See how contingent talk grows children’s language by providing a rich reading and talk experience
  • Identify and teach vocabulary in context using fun and engaging activities that make vocabulary ‘stick’
  • Understand how teaching vocabulary can be used to teach English Curriculum objectives

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