Welcome to Wise Words!

We are a new indie training and publishing company specialising in children’s literacy for primary schools.

Wise Words works with schools to ensure every child, without exception, can master the essential literacy skills to participate in everyday life and experience the benefits of falling in love with the spoken and written word in all its forms.

At Wise Words, we know reading is an orchestrated and integrated process. If any individual part is not fully mastered the act of reading cannot become fully automatic and effortless. This is essential if we want every child to reach their full potential and feel motivated to want to read for knowledge and pleasure.

Wise Words came about following a meeting of minds across various literacy related professions: from classroom teachers and educational consultants to academics and children’s writers. Together, Wise Words is determined to help schools cut through the confusion and misconceptions surrounding phonics and the teaching of reading and writing.

We are a consultative, curious and creative force for good in the teaching of reading and writing in primary schools. Come and join us!